Due to a decline in demand for this product and the removal from production of the series 44 actuator by EAO, we are unfortunately unable to accept further orders for our HCP Series Pushbutton Switches.

The origin of the HCP goes back many years and it was designed to meet the requirements of the UK rail industry. At that time, the EAO Series 44 was in demand for drivers desks but the designers asked for a modification to replace EAO switching elements with Schaltbau types. This was achieved with the inclusion of a special interface bracket and the HCP Series was the result of this combination.
After EAO declared the discontinuation of the Series 44, we investigated the possibility of continuing with the suggested alternative from EAO. However the Series 45 is not interchangeable and the small, irregular demand makes it impractical to produce a new adaptor.
As we still have stock of certain piece parts, we advise existing users of the HCP Series to consider renovation in the short term rather than replacement.
Please contact us and we will see whether it is possible to renovate your switches using the parts available from our stock.