Hertford ControlsServices

Fast Delivery
Our company offers fast, ex stock delivery on many product lines. This is made possible by the bulk stockholding of base components and ancillary parts from which hundreds of variants can be permutated.

Customised Products
A dedicated workshop allows us to accept repair orders or to respond quickly to our commitments should there be a problem or change in requirements.
We have the capacity and capability to customise products to particular requirements where mechanical designs and drawings can be prepared from our clients’ instructions.
Modular designs allow us the possibility of repairing more expensive items such as contactors or cable assemblies and we are always willing to give a basic opinion as to the feasibility of repair over replacement.
Typical repair operations carried out include cable assembly renovation, replacement of contactor contacts, replacement of contactor housings, coil testing and replacement of auxiliary switches.

Technical Support
Technical support and advice is available as a free service to our customers. Our recommendations and advice on such matters as product selection or lifetime predictions are made possible by years of experience and the careful compilation of performance records.

The important aspect of product lifetime can usually be defined for mechanical endurance but electrical life, particularly related to switch contacts is a different situation because of the wide range of operating parameters.
Where we are unable to provide information from our records or published data, we will obtain predictive information from source and can back this up with actual lifetime tests where necessary.
Life tests are conducted in-house for our own purposes and this facility can be made available to our customers subject to agreement.