Operated SwitchS126 Series Key

  • Electrical interlocking switches
  • Protects against unauthorised use
  • Single or double pole
  • Utilises S800/S005/S007/S008 switches
  • Thermal current ratings to 60 Amps

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Product Details

ProductPart Number
S126 1-10 1-1661-278145 Key switch
S126 1-10/P6 1-1661-278270 Key switch
S126 1-10/S6 1-1661-278189 Key switch
S126 1-11 1-1661-569087 Key switch
S126 1-12 1-1661-570805 Key switch
S126 2-10 1-1661-278190 Key switch
ProductPart Number
S126 2-10/P6 1-1661-327350 Key switch
S126 2-10/S6 1-1661-278247 Key switch
S860 1-10 1-1661-379453 Key switch
S860 1-11 1-1661-493015 Key switch
S860 2-10 1-1661-379464 Key switch