Snap-Action SwitchesSchaltbau S880 Series

The S880 is the smallest of Schaltbau’s snap action switches.

This high quality switch in V4 format includes many of the features that have made the rest of the range synonymous with safety and long operational life. For high integrity or safety related equipment, this switch can be relied upon to give outstanding service.


  • Safety limit switch for switchgear and control gear, for example in medical engineering and process automation.
  • Limit switch for machine, door and system control
  • Compact equipment such as joysticks
  • Safety door locking switch in household appliances

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Product Details

ProductPart Number
S880 W1G6 a 1-1580-126258
Snap action switch NO+NC contacts
ProductPart Number
S880 W1G6 k 1-1580-126269
Snap action switch NO+NC contacts